Stop the Cluster

41x the size of     neighboring homes…

With a total living area of 49,239 sq ft, the monster cluster will dwarf neighboring homes with an average living area of 1,200 sq ft


Help the residents of Ewa Beach stop the irresponsible and destructive cluster development proposed at 91-603 Pohakupuna Rd in Ewa Beach

The Outrage…

In 2018, foreign investors from Golden Lion Ewa Beach LLC purchased a vacant lot in an old neighborhood in Ewa Beach. 

In 2023, Jinshi Hawaii Development LTD. put forth a plan to build a 21-unit cluster on the 2.74 acre lot. The developers irresponsibly filed their plans without notifying the community, the neighborhood board, or local representatives. The local community united in opposition to the cluster development plan, which posed unnecessary flood risks to neighboring properties, strained an already aging and failing infrastructure, and destroyed the character of the neighborhood.

After being presented with hundreds of petitions from Ewa Beach residents, the DPP stood up to the developers and forced them to produce an Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).


The Lot

Our Concerns

The concerns of the community are as follows:

  • DESTROY CHARACTER OF COMMUNITY – A 21-unit cluster development does not belong in this community. It has a living area square footage that is 41x that of the neighboring homes. The perimeter walls/fences also isolate and segregate the new development from the community rather than integrate it.
  • INCREASED FLOOD RISK – The developers plan to raise the grade of the lot and install retaining walls to decrease their flood risk. However, doing so will drastically increase the flood risk of the adjacent properties, which is unfair.
  • BLOCKING WIND – The high retaining wall/fence and cluster of elevated homes will block ocean breezes and trade winds that neighboring residents rely upon for cooling, resulting in increased energy usage/expenses.
  • STRAINING INFRASTRUCTURE – The proposed 21 units will put undue strain on an already inadequate/failing sewer line on Pohakupuna Rd and storm drain system on Pupu St.
  • INCREASED TRAFFIC/STREET PARKING – The developers plan to prohibit on-street parking within the development, which will increase street parking on Pohakupuna Rd and nearby roads, which are narrow, unimproved, and already crowded.
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We stand together

Our Demands

  • Limit Development to 8 units (developer’s alternate plan) to align with existing neighborhood/community layout, reduce strain on infrastructure, and conform to R-5 zoning regulations.
  • Prohibit regrading and retaining walls, and instead elevate individual homes using post/pier construction to avoid unnecessarily increasing flood risk and blocking winds to neighboring properties.
  • Evaluate drainage and sewer infrastructure to confirm current condition and ensure additional capacity.

As a community, we welcome responsible development of the lot, but we strongly oppose a cluster development or any plan that adversely affects the neighboring community.

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